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Diaphragm Seal. This type consists basically of a flange whose dimensions match those of  corresponding standard Seal are located at the center of  the flange and bottom mounted.

Type are  used  for  thick  walled  isolated  production  Pipes , Vessel  Walls , etc. Their  construction are very similar to  

the  flange  type  diaphragm  seal  and  they  mounted on same manners. In this type diaphragm is located on pipe

whose length is matched to the thickness of the casing. The diaphragm sits flush with the inner face of the Vessel Wall.

As above both types only capillaries take places in between basic sensor and sensing point diaphragm.

Nasha Automation Chemical Seal Diaphragm System can use for pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters to protect Basic sensing element of transmitter. It is the separating or protecting seal for the Measuring Instruments & Separatists from the Pressure medium , it Measures Low & High Rating Pressure Even under  High Temperature.

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