Nasha Level Instruments are very reliable & cost affective instruments. In these point level sensors, a magnetic float moves with the liquid surface, actuating a hermetically sealed “reed switch” in the stem. The simple, low-maintenance design installs readily; minimizes shock, vibration & pressure; & works with a variety of media. The reed switch can be single pole, single throw (SPST) or single pole. As the float raised or lowered by liquid level the sensing rod will have a resistance output, which is directly proportional to the liquid level.

Also the float level indicator to produce a 4-20 mA signal. In addition, we can use bar graphic display scaling panel meter for level control & display. Anyway, “Magnet Float Level Indicator” is a great benefit to all kinds of industries with its easy working principle & reliability. The float’s magnetic system operates a resistance measuring chain within a guide tube, which corresponds to a 3-wire potentiometer circuit. The measurement voltage generated by this is proportional to the fill level. The measurement voltage is finely-stepped as a result of the contact separation of the measuring chain.

Nasha take advantage of the proven highly reliable float technology providing extremely accurate liquid level sensing under almost all operating conditions.

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